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Well, I left all the stuff out overnight, and it was still all there this afternoon, so I moved the fridge and recliner back into the garage, then I took an axe to one of the wooden bookshelves, chopping it to flinders. Then I used the back of the axe to smash up a metal bookcase, and tossed all the pieces in the trash. Unfortunately, we're only allowed one 96 gallon garbage can, so I can't get rid of anything else until after Wednesday. I left the exercize equipment in the driveway. I hope someone will take them eventually.

The neighbor suggested I call SDG&E to pick up the fridge, apparently they sometimes buy up old appliances. Otherwise the garbage company is going to want $75 to haul it away.

While chopping up the bookshelves, I took a bad swing with the axe and buried it in my foot. Fortunately I wear heavy safety work boots, so the axe dug over 3/8 of an inch through the thick leather but was stopped by the steel toe. The impact still left me with a bruise on my toe, but had I been wearing any other shoes, I'd have lost that toe.
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