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Skittles networking

Got up at 5 am today to head into work insanely early so I could

Turn this:       Into this: 

Ooooh, pretty colors!

 If you're wondering why this was necessary, it's because the Genius who originally set up the network used a mixture of about 50% crossover and 50% straight cables, in just two colors, 6 feet long so they had to be wrapped up and down the sides, all nice and neatly bundled together to make tracing a single cable impossible, and completely unlabeled.  Needless to say, this made even the simplest maintenance a total nightmare.  I replaced all the cables with 100% straight, in 8 different colors, 3 feet long (I'd have gone with 2 if I could have found any at a decent price), all going directly from jack to switch as directly as possible, and all with a number label on each end.

I then had to go to each office and replace all the crossover cables that the Genius had used to 'fix' the connection problems caused by using crossover cables on the patch panel in the first place!  DUH!

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