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Operators are standing by!

I'm WAAAAAAY down the chain of command when it comes to answering the phones here. It usually goes Receptionist --> HR --> Accounts Payable --> Controller --> CAD --> Estimating --> IT (me). Unfortunately, the receptionist, accounts payable, and the controller are all in a meeting. HR and CAD are out sick. The estimator is busy. That means I am stuck answering the phones.

And wouldn't you know it, the office directory hasn't been updated in over a year, so I've apparently been transferring people all over the place. I've also found the transfer button on my phone is kinda finicky, so I've left a couple people hanging when I thought I'd handed them off.

I HATE it when people try to call on their cellphones from a noisy area. "How may I direct your call?" "HELLO?" "Hello! How may I direct your call?" "HELLO?? WHAT?"

At least it's just transferring people. That's not too bad. Telephone tech support? Now THAT is truly hell.
Tags: annoyances, work

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