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Age of First Kiss: 7
Band You're Listening To Now: Silver Apples
First Crush: Leslie Wade in grade school
Dad's Name: David
Easiest Person To Talk To: My SO (sometimes, other times he's the hardest person to talk to)
Favorite Ice Cream: rainbow sherbert (does that count?)
Gummy Worms or Gummy Bear: Gummy rats!
Hometown: Vista, CA
Instruments: Hand Bells
Junior High: Bethany Baptist
Kids: 0
Longest Car Ride Ever: Riding:  Long Beach, CA to Weaverville, CA (615 miles).  Driving: Vista, CA to Roswell, NM and back (1945 miles)
Mom's name: Debi
Nicknames: Captain Packrat
One Wish: To own my own home.
Phobias: Bathophobia (fear of being underwater), Cremnophobia (fear of precipices), Merinthophobia (fear of being tied up)
Quotes: "Dumbass!"
Reasons to smile: Bunnies!
Song You Sang Last: "Never Been Any Reason" by Head East
Time You Woke Up Today: 6:05 am
Unknown Fact About Me: I took 3 classes in meteorology in college.
Virgin: With guys, no.  With girls, yes.
Worst Habit: Driving too fast.
How Many X-Rays You've Had: Not quite enough to give me superpowers, yet.
Your Least Favorite Person Right Now: That SPAMIS idiot who keeps spamming me with messages claiming Microsoft is a spammer.
Zodiac Sign: Virgo


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