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Fursuit Bowling!

Went to the Fursuit Bowling thingie at the Vista Entertainment Center today. About 8 people showed up (including myself), only 3 in fursuits. I took a few pictures, but my camera is teh ultimate in suck. (Megapixel? What's that?)

I'd never bowled a day in my life, and originally was just planning on watching, but then I decided, what the heck, it's only $3 for the shoes and $2 a game.

And I discovered I'm not half bad at it.

The first 2 games were played with the bumpers up, and I made 2 strikes in each game. I first game I played I got a 127, which turned out to be my best game of the day. The second game was a 120, which actually put me in first place.

The third game was played with the bumpers down, regulation bowling. My arm was feeling a bit tired, so I tried switching from a 12 pound ball to a 10. After throwing a rather sucky frame with it, I figured that if lighter was suckier, heavier should be better. So I hunted around and found a 16 pound ball, the heaviest available. And I immediately threw a strike. I did quite well with that ball, getting 2 more strikes and a spare or two. But the massive weight of the ball really took a toll on my arm, by the 8th or 9th frame I could barely hold it anymore, and finally ended up getting a 1. I just couldn't throw that huge ball anymore, so I switched back to the 12 pounder for the rest of the game, but only ended up with a 116.

My arm is so sore now I can barely use my right hand. I was probably throwing the ball too hard. I also wasn't quite comfortable with those slippery shoes, so I was rather hesitant in my approach.
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