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Things to do...

All this insanity in New Orleans has got me thinking about things I should do around here just in case.

0. Withdraw a supply of cash from the bank. Keep some carefully hidden in the car, some in the house.

1. Stock up on bottled water. Most important thing to have on hand in an emergency. Bought 10 gallons, which should be enough to last 2 people for a week or so. I might buy more, perhaps for barter value. You can never have too much drinking water.

2. Stock up on ammo. Yes, ammo. F-ing looters better not mess with me. I'll stick their damn heads on a stake in my front yard.

3. Stock up on batteries for the CB radio, shortwave, and portable television. Set up a proper antenna for the shortwave.

4. Buy more self-powered flashlights. These don't require batteries.

5. Buy another first-aid kit (or two) for the house.

6. Check to see if my grandfather's old Primus stove still works. If not, buy a new portable stove + plenty of fuel. Buy charcoal and lighter fluid for the grill.

7. Purchase a few 5 gallon containers of gasoline. Useful not just for the car, but for the Primus stove and generator (#9) as well.

8. Purchase a pistol, probably an M1911. Plus plenty of ammo and extra clips. My rifle is bolt-action, and my shotgun is break-action, so I could use a bit more short-range firepower.

9. Purchase a generator and plenty of fuel. Being able to keep my fridge running for a few days would vastly increase my food supply. Not to mention being able to preserve precious batteries for other devices.

10. Buy a CB for the car. CB's will continue to work even if the cellphone network is down.

11. Get the neighbors organized so we can help take care of each other.
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