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So much for the bike idea....

Stopped into Wal*Mart today and bought a bicycle. It looked really nice, and it probably would have been a great bike... for someone a lot shorter and lighter than me. The handlebars couldn't be adjusted, forcing me to hunch over to ride. And bikes with suspension systems really aren't a good thing for someone of my weight. (And it felt really weird to ride) So I ended up taking it back. For some reason, they gave me my money back in cash, rather than putting it back on my debit card. They really didn't have anything else I was interested in.

I did get a couple of other items on my disaster preparedness list, though. A couple more of those wind-up flashlights and a first aid kit. I also picked up another box of .30-06 ammo, and a full set of dummy rounds so I can practice working the bolt without worrying about putting holes in the wall.

And about 3 years later, I FINALLY got around to upgrading the RAM in my laptop. Got a full Gigabyte now. Yay!
Tags: computers, disaster preparedness, guns

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