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A Musical History of Disneyland

I didn't intend to spend this much at Costco today, but I was looking through the DVD's and CD's and noticed the box set of A Musical History of Disneyland. I took one look at the list of songs, and I had to have it. $65 (list is $100, Amazon is $90)

It's got the complete soundtrack for so many of the rides new and old. "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln", "The Enchanted Tiki Room", "Mark Twain", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Country Bear Jamboree" (all 3 versions), "Haunted Mansion", "Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland & the Rainbow Caverns", "It's a Small World", "Circlevision", "Adventures In Inner Space", "Star Tours", "Flight to the Moon", "America Sings", "Space Mountain" and "The Main Street Electrical Parade"

All for about the price of one adult ticket. Not that bad afterall.


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Sep. 23rd, 2005 08:05 pm (UTC)

Cool! I'll have to take a look at this on Amazon. I think I have every single Disneyland music CD or record that has been released, including several of those 'make your own' CDs from the Tomorrowland gift shop, and some unreleased stuff found on usenet and some lousy recordings I've made myself. One thing I've always wanted to find is a good recording of is the ride queue sound effects at Disneyland's Space Mountain.
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