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My office at work houses the company's file servers, phone system, and other sensitive items, so the door is locked every afternoon when I go home for the day, and it stays that way until the next morning when I come in.

Which means the cleaning crew never has access to my office. This normally isn't that much of a problem, I just dump my garbage into someone else's can (or switch cans with theirs). but the carpet never gets vacuumed. I have a DataVac in my office, but it's designed for computers, not for carpets; it doesn't have anything even resembling a floor attachment.

The carpet didn't look too bad, but I had a good coupon ($3 off) for a Swiffer CarpetFlick, so I bought one to take to work.

My God, I never had any idea there was that much crud on the carpet. It was about 50% hair (ACK!), 25% tiny bits of wire and 10% escaped staples. The rest was dust, tiny bits of pnut shells, solder beads, gravel, various plastic bits, and other things I probably don't want to know about.

All in all, it works pretty well, though I would imagine it's designed more for cleaning up a spill on a carpet that is regularly vacuumed, not as a replacement for a vac.
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