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Almost finished

Went to Lowes today and bought some blinds for the master bedroom. I started out looking at the drapes, which is what I really wanted. Only $30! Yeah! Wait, that's per panel, and I'd need a half dozen panels or so. Nevermind!

I ended up getting a cheap set of blinds for about $16. It was a bit of a waste, as the blinds were 64 inches high, and I only needed about 48 inches. But at least I was able to get exactly the right width, so they didn't have to do any cutting.

It was a pain in the ass to install. The screws that were included were very small, and the heads stripped if you even looked at them wrong. And the instructions left out quite a few things and were sometimes just plain wrong, like the fact that you had to attach the valence clips before hanging the blinds (the instructions tell you to do it afterwards, which is impossible)

Still, it looks a lot better than newspapers taped over the glass....


Oct. 17th, 2005 11:20 am (UTC)
Re: rat cheese :)
yahooiamge = yahooimagte typo. ps why dose LJ not let us edit spelling after we have already posted a reply like it lets us do that if we post in our own LJ's? to change that i'd have to delete the original and repost the same thing as a new one with the changed words fixed hehe so i just did this instead to tell it :)the typoed word that is. I spellchecked that post but somehow that one word got past me hehe :)