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The joys of satellite radio

On the way to work today I got to listen to an old episode of Dimension X (sponsored by Wheaties!) on Sirius 118.

It was Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles

As you can imagine, being only a 30 minute program, quite a bit had to be left out of the original stories, but it was still compelling enough for me to sit in my car in the parking lot at work for 5 minutes to listen to the end of it.



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Nov. 6th, 2005 07:23 pm (UTC)
I liked radio shows when i was a kid but as i got older i couldn't find any to listen too. are they making a comeback? i hope so. since I've been on the i Internet since at least 1996, er but not constantly hehe i mean i got my first good connection to the net then hehe, i have seen more radio shows that i ever could find on the air with my radios and the channels they can get with an antenna. Ps i saw your car icon and i was gonna make this a different post which is what this stated out to be but i got to talking about radio cause i saw those neat shows you mentioned, but

anyways i didn't see that post you made about my car, it may have been in my LJ i forgot hehe but anyways, i promise that's the last time i say anyways in this post hehe :), heres a cut and past of the reply i was gonna post to you LJ that i just made before this letter on my Walmart email program, it has a spell checker so it's like a word processor :), but here it is.
Hi. I noticed yesterday there was some kind of small wet place like as if it was once a puddle under the back of the car close to the passenger side back wheel. is that a good thing? I'm thinking, and or hoping that that means that it's not the master cylinder so maybe it's just a leaky brake line bask there which I'm guessing and or hoping would cost me less money to fix the cars brakes so i can make it go so it can take me places. meanwhile the insurance man that was supposed to get here by Friday to inspect the car to see if it was vandalism called Friday and said he was

in Cincinnati Ohio and his car wont make it for some reason, I don't think he said why but he said he'd half to reschedule it Monday so I said ok. What else can I say :)? I'm at there mercy hehe :) anyways if he dose decide it was vandalism after he looks at the car then they will pay to have it fixed wick I'm hoping and or hopping for :) hopping for joy that is if they pay the bill to get it fixed so i can use the car again :) Ps i don't really do much hopping in rl i kid hehe :) hopping shakes my insides i'm guessing like jogging dose, which is why i don't like to jog. but

walking and or that power walking I've herd of is ok :) I've been known to power walk but it's been a while hehe.
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