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Got to listen to another episode of Dimension X on Sirius 118 in the car this morning.

This episode was Nightfall by Isaac Asimov.

It's about a planet with 6 suns, bathed in eternal daylight except for once every 2500 years when a conjunction and eclipse plunges the planet into darkness... and madness.



Nov. 4th, 2005 12:22 am (UTC)
I just got a 2 day pass for that Sirius after i read this post and saw i can listen to sirius online too :) I've been thinking of getting a Sirius radio and this way it said i can listen online, that way i can see what it has before i buy the radio :) it's only a 2 day pass i think it said but maybe it will give me an idea of what I'll get when I get the radio. After that it said I can listen to Sirius satellight radio on line too using my account and pass word. I guess they give us an account to listen to all the channels when we get those radios and subscribe. but I didn't know you could listen in online too without the radio :) till I just saw on that sirus.com webpage I just looked at . They just sent me the pass word in my email it sounds ok i'm listening to it now but i bet it will sound better on the sirius radio thingie than on my 56k modem. Will it sound better that way? I'm just guessing it will but i don't know. too bad it said Expiration Date: 11-6-2005 6:55 PM EST in the email under the password they gave me. so far it seams like a nice radio thingie :) it's playing with some kind of player thingie that opens with my web browser from that sirius.com webpage..