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Bugs galore!

So far I've come across at least 5 major bugs in this Windows Mobile upgrade that Dell sold me.

1. Leaving an SD or CF card in the unit drains the battery, even with it powered off. Leaving both cards in drains it twice as fast as one.

2. Leaving a CD card in the unit may cause it to disappear when the unit is powered on. Restoring the card requires a soft-reset.

3. Leaving an SD card in the unit may cause it not to turn on at all if the battery is below about 85%. Removing the card allows the unit to turn on normally.

4. Frequent error messages regarding GWES.EXE, a core Windows file that handles the graphic user interface.

5. Setting the unit in the cradle with it turned off may result in the so-called "White Screen of Death"; the screen turns on solid white and the unit becomes totally unresponsive. A soft-reset is required.

It's been confirmed that this is a problem with Dell's ROM image, not a hardware problem. It affects both the X51 and the X50 upgraded to WM5. Dell claims a new ROM image will be available on the 18th. I don't know how they're going to handle this for X50 customers.

I've also learned that the version of ActiveSync Dell shipped with the X51/X50-WM5 is a Developer Release, not a final release version. The final version isn't even available from Microsoft yet.

So much for Dell QA.
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