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Veterans Day

Take the time today to remember those who served in the Armed Forces to defend Freedom and Liberty.

Both of my uncles served in the military, one in the Air Force, the other in the Navy. My SO also served in the Navy.

I wanted to join the Air Force, but I was 4-F. :-P

My grandfather served as a Marine for 24 years. He joined the day he turned 17, in 1946 (still technically during WWII). He tried to join at 16, but they required his mother's permission, which she would not give. He went to Korea during the Korean War, and while he never saw combat, he did have to wade ashore from a landing craft. He was one of the top marksmen in the entire Corps, and had a chest full of Expert badges on his uniform. His primary job was as a baker, but he also did duty in Supply and in JAG as defense council. He continued to serve during the early stages of the Vietnam War, but was never sent there. He retired as a Chief Warrant Officer in 1970. He passed away earlier this year and was given a beautiful military funeral.
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