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Just short of demarc.

Last week I scheduled a conference call to set up a T-1 line at the company's remote office in Temecula. I told the Project Manager on site that someone needed to run an extension from the demarc (located in the middle of a parking lot) to the construction trailer.

This morning, before leaving my house, I called the PM and asked if the demarc extension had been run, and he said yes. So I made the drive up to Temecula. I arrive at 8:30, with plenty of time to spare before the 11:00 phone appointment.

Only I find out the demarc extension hasn't been done yet! If I miss the appointment time, I'll have to reschedule, and that requires 24 hours advance notice. Billing for the T-1 line starts today.

And to make matters worse, the water has been shut off to the trailer, so the toilet is out of action for the time being. And I just drank a bunch of coffee. It's gonna be a looooooong day.
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