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End of an era....

I was greeted with a rather surprising sight this morning. The TV aerial which had been towering over the roof for as long as I've been alive had fallen. It was the last antenna in the entire neighborhood.

I wasn't using it for television, and the rotor had frozen solid, but I was still using the mast to mount the wind vane and anemometer for my weather station. Fortunately the whole thing fell to the north, while the instruments were mounted on the south side, so they didn't appear to be damaged.

I'm not sure why it fell, as I didn't have time to climb up on the roof and check, and I won't be able to do anything about it until tomorrow. It almost looks like one of the guy wires snapped.

I want to raise the mast back up, though probably minus the antenna, rotor and coax cable. The mast alone is perfect for my weather station, and now I can put the wind instruments higher up. Unfortunately, I don't think I can lift it into place by myself, the mast is a good 30 or 40 feet tall. Even if the weight isn't a problem, keeping the mast straight while tying down the guy wires is definitely a two person job.
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