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And so, after one week, I managed to read 6 of the 7 volumes of The Chronicles of Narnia. I would have finished tonight, had I not suffered such a terrible headache Thursday, drugged myself silly and slept for 17 hours.

The Narnia novels were just the right size, big enough to entertain for most of the evening, but small enough to be finished in one night. Most of the books I own are a great deal bigger. Fortune's Wheel, next of the Sholan Alliance series, for instance, is nearly 650 pages. I shall need to be careful, as I have a bad tendency to read "just one more chapter", then looking up and finding it is well past my bedtime. It just annoys me to leave a book unfinished.

I'm not sure what I shall read after the final Narnia book. Perhaps Rats and Gargoyles.
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