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Money woahs

I am sooooo far in the hole right now. I'm having to buy all kinds of stuff for work, then file an expense report to get reimbursed.

One credit card is nearly maxed out, another 1/3 gone, and my checking account is half-way through my emergency reserve.

Good news is payday is Friday, all that money will be reimbursed some time in the next week or two (as soon as the lady in Accounts Receivable returns from vacation), and Thursday I'll be talking to the company VP about getting a raise. My responsibilities here have more than doubled in the past 15 months, so I'm going to ask for double the money. Whooo.

I've been gathering up salary surveys and stuff to help make my case. Damn but they are WAAAAAY under paying me. I like working for this company, but they've got to start paying me a decent wage, or I'm going to have to find someone who will.
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