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Mach 3 vs Fusion

Although the Fusion razor wasn't supposed to be available for a couple more days, they had them at Costco, so I picked one up. $18 for the Power version handle and 4 blades, which is rather expensive for a disposable razor.

I've been using a Mach 3 Power for a while now, so I tried shaving one half of my face with the Mach 3 and the other with the Fusion.

The results were rather disappointing. The Mach 3 actually felt smoother while using it, while the Fusion felt like it was catching on my beard. The Fusion also had a harder time around my lips, the underside of my nose and especially along the sides of my chin.

The end result? Both sides of my face felt equally smooth and both sides grew back equally.

So stick to the Mach 3, the Fusion isn't worth the extra cost.


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Feb. 5th, 2006 07:07 am (UTC)
I wouldn't know, I got used to using Norelco electrics years (decades even) ago when I had too much acne to safely use a blade. At the time, that was the only electric brand that really managed to deal with my heavy beard and I've just stuck with them since. Not fancy or glamorous, but it works for me and that's the important thing. I do appreciate the product review, though. Saves a spot of trouble should I ever need one temporarily.
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