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Stupid sinuses

EXTREMELY warm and dry again in San Diego today. My weather station is only rated down to a dew point of 14F, it apparently managed to register 9.5F. The high temperature today was 83.8F. My sinuses are killing me.

The only decongestant that works well for me is phenylpropanolamine (PPA), which is impossible to get without a prescription. Ephedra has been banned by the FDA, and pseudoephedrine is rapidly disappearing from shelves (it's apparently a key ingredient in methamphetamine, most stores either severely limit the amount you can buy or have stopped carrying it altogether). The only OTC decongestant readily available anymore is phenylephrine, which is utterly useless at OTC strength. I have to take double the recommended dose to get any effect at all, and it only lasts for a couple hours.

My headache just kept getting worse and worse all day until I finally ended up having to use a decongestant spray, which I hate to use because they are so addictive. I also ended up taking some heavy-duty prescription pain pills after the ibuprofen didn't work. I hate taking that stuff because it usually ends up making me itchy all over, which makes it hard to sleep.

Stupid sinuses.
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