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Toshiba is utter crap!

After a month and a half, Toshiba finally got around to replacing my PDA (which kept erasing itself). The new PDA arrived today. I immediately started installing all the software and stuff on it. Three hours later, I was finished, just tweaking the last few settings and getting things set up.

And then it froze. Hard. Rebooting it did nothing. Completely unresponsive to anything. The only thing that would fix it was a factory reset, wiping out everything I'd installed.

My nearly 10 year old HP OmniGo still works. My Philips Nino lasted 2 years before I broke the screen. My Cassiopeia lasted almost 4 years without a hard reset. This piece of crap couldn't last 3 hours.

I am SOOOOOO regretting not buying an iPaq...



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Nov. 20th, 2004 05:43 am (UTC)
My Handspring Visor lasted quite a while too, until I dropped it in a puddle. Then I bought a Visor Platinum secondhand from a friend, and it's still working well.
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