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Got the Bluetooth car kit for my RAZR installed today. No more cradles or cables like phones in the past, this one I just start the engine and the kit automatically connects to the phone no matter where it is in the car. No more having to remember to plug my phone in when I get in the car, then unplug it when I get where ever I was going, I just leave the phone on my belt, and it connects wirelessly.

An installed hands-free kit is a lot more expensive than a headset or just holding the phone to your ear, but it's also a lot safer. No ear piece to fumble with, no batteries to worry about charging and you keep both hands on the steering wheel the whole time. I can even dial the phone handsfree, just touch a button on the dash, then say "Call home" or "Call 5-5-5-1-2-3-4"

Car kits I've had previously were specific to that model of phone, when I had to replace the phone, I had to replace the car kit, at considerable expense. This version doesn't use wires, it uses the Bluetooth wireless standard, so it will work with pretty much any phone. The only down side is it doesn't charge the phone like the cradle-type chargers did.

I still need to take my car to the shop that installed the stereo to see if they will connect it to the mute wire, then the stereo will automatically turn off the sound when I receive or place a call.


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Mar. 21st, 2006 11:02 am (UTC)
what's cradles? Is that like those things those cordless phones for house's have with the base station that keep it all charged up and ready to go whiles it's not in use? the base station on those plug into the land line wire that goes out of the house and to the telephone pole and stuff. my old 900 mhz cordless phone i had had that. but i've never had a real cell phone before in rl yet.
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