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I took my car in to see about getting the spot repair on my hood where I got hit by that dirt clod a few weeks back. It doesn't look too bad, but some of the scratches went down to the metal, so they're going to have to sand, primer and repaint the entire panel as well as part of the fender to get all the paint to match. Fortunately, the insurance will pay for everything except my $100 deductable. Unfortuntaely, that means I'm stuck with a rental car. Fortunately, the insurance company will pay up to $45 a day for the rental. Unfortunately, the only $45 car Enterprise had available was a Ford Explorer.

For such a large vehicle, I am utterly amazed at just how cramped it is inside. My legs are squished against the door and the center console, my head nearly hits the roof, and there's hardly any room for my feet.

I need to up my rental coverage so that I can get a Crown Vic or Lincoln or something.

At least some good is coming from this, I bought an Impala SS spoiler several years back, and have never gotten around to getting it painted and installed. Now with my car in the shop they can match the colors and paint it up. I'll still need to find someone to install it. There are so many ricers driving around with giant wings and crap, I'm sure there's someone who can install a tasteful stock spoiler.
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