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Waiting for the worms to come....

Waiting for my car to be finished. I called the shop yesterday and they said it would be done today. It's already after 1:30 pm, and no news yet.

This stupid rental SUV is SUCKING gas at a phenomenal rate. The trip computer claims I'm getting 11.3 MPG, but I think it's overestimating. I've only driven about 170 miles in the past week, but spent $41 on gas. I normally buy gas every two weeks for my Caprice, at about $50 a tank.

I finally managed to get ActiveSync 4.1 removed and 3.8 reinstalled. The 4.x version is required for Windows Mobile 5.0 but it has some quirks, doesn't allow you to sync over the network and doesn't work at all with some older PDAs. And if you attempt to uninstall it, it leaves behind a couple files that prevent you from ever using the older 3.8 version. You have to uninstall 4.1, delete the files rapi.dll and ceutil.dll from the \Windows\System32\ folder, reboot your computer, then and only then can you install 3.8. If it took me weeks to find the solution, what is Joe "Oooh, they have the Internet on computers now" Sixpack supposed to do?

For some reason putting the PDA in the cradle disables my keyboard until you uncradle the PDA. Weird.

I removed the 6.0 version of AvantGo and installed the last version that was integrated with Pocket IE, version 3.3. What an incredible difference in speed. It took version 6.0 a whopping TEN MINUTES to sync my channels, the client is slow, sucks up tons of RAM, the interface is clunky and hard to use and the fonts are so big as to be nearly unreadable. Version 3.3 took about 20 seconds to do a full sync, Pocket IE is extremely quick to load, it's much easier to use and the fonts are just the right size. Congratulations, AvantGo, on screwing up a good thing!

I went to the maul today to buy my grandmother a box of chocolates and to shop for a new knife. Because I don't have nearly enough knives. ;) The knife I wanted turned out to be $35, forget it. At the See's candy shop, I was looking though the various boxes of chocolate, and it all looked so good, so I told the lady behind the counter, "I'll take one piece of each!" After she'd gotten though the first two cabinets of candy, it had already added up to over 2 pounds, so I decided to stop there, I'll come back later to buy the rest. ;) And then I remembered I was there to buy candy for my grandmother, not me, so I got a box of her two favorites, pecan clusters and cocoanut.

I can't help but snicker every time I see a riced car with a huge wing ("It looks like it could fly!") or intake ("It's definitely sucking!"). There was a whole row of rice in the parking lot, so I was laughing out loud all the way to the car.
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