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Troy "The Tool Mouse" Packrat....

More tool inventory today, this time in Orange County. I'd bought a creeper seat for me to use instead of stooping over all the time. And of course, I accidentally left it behind. So again, my back aches like mad. Thankfully there's only one more day of work this week, then a 4 day weekend!

After hitting the OC sites, I headed over the Ortega Highway to stop in the Temecula work site. Ortega Highway is a fun road if you have the right car AND you don't get stuck behind sucky drivers. Naturally, I got stuck behind stucky drivers the whole way. And by the time I got to the site, almost everyone had left. I was able to get a couple items inventoried, and diagnose a broken computer, so it wasn't a total waste of time.
Tags: car stuff, travel, work

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