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Retroactive abortions should be legalized

God DAMN but there are some stupid people in the world!

I'm sitting at a red light, waiting to make a turn onto a road with 3 lanes. There's one car in front of me. The light turns green, and she slowly starts to make her turn. As soon as she's pulled into the right lane, and pull into the middle lane and hit the throttle. There's over a half mile before there's anymore traffic, so I blow past her and forget about it, like the hundreds of other cars I pass every day. I get hundreds of feet ahead of her, and pull into the right lane, which becomes a turn lane. I end up behind a half dozen other cars making that turn.

The road I'm turning onto has 2 lanes, but it narrows down to 1 in under 100 feet. It's clearly marked as a no-passing zone. The car ahead of me pulls wide into the left lane while I pull into the right. I'm tempted to try to pass the slower moving sedan, but there's not quite enough room, so I hang back.

Then this woman I'd passed before comes zooming up in the left lane trying to pass! What the hell? By now I'm already past the point where the lanes merge, and she's trying to shove her way in? She was still behind me so I stick my hand out the window and flip her off while hitting the throttle to scoot up into the space ahead.

She keeps riding on my bumper, so I hit the windshield washer, the overspray drenching her car.

The road then goes up a very steep hill and splits into two lanes. Unfortunately, I pick the one with slower moving traffic so she gets head of me. We get to a red light, and she jumps out of her car and comes storming up at me SCREAMING at me. How dare I pass her! How dare I give her the finger when she does something stupid! WTF?

As she gets closer to my car, I kill the engine and quite obviously pull the 6 inch folding knife from my pocket, though I don't open it, and I don't open the door. She quickly retreats to her car, but keeps up her verbal tirade.

Geez, all I did was pass a slower moving vehicle, then flip off someone trying to pass in a no-passing zone. What the hell? If you're going to blow your top because someone passes you, you've got a one-way ticket to the nut house.

Damn, I forgot my phone could do video! I'd have loved to have recorded that.
Tags: stupidity, wtf?

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