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Less Hacking, More Packing!

I started packing today.   Managed to get all my books, CD's, DVD's, plushies, lesser used clothing and some of my games packed into boxes.   That's taken up 27 of the boxes I ordered.  I'm almost out of the 1.5 cubic foot boxes, as they're the perfect size for books and CD's; anything bigger and they get too heavy to carry.  The only boxes I have left are larger, more suited for bulky items like blankets and such.

There's SOOOOO much stuff here to pack away.  This is going to take me forever. 

I'm planning on renting one of those PODS containers, packing all the stuff I want to keep into it then having them haul it away and put into storage. 

Then I'll have a massive yard sale to sell as much of the rest of the stuff as possible.   I don't plan on taking the beds (except the Nautilus air bed), nor any of the sofas or recliners, my grandfather's old desk, the computer desks, or any of the "cheap" furniture.

Anything I can't sell I'll try giving to charity, probably the Disabled American Vetarans.  And anything they don't haul away, I'll rent a dumpster and throw away. 

And once the house is completely empty, the house can be painted, the carpets replaced, and any repairs made. I'll probably stay in the house until it's sold.  I'll just have my laptop, an air mattress, my clothes, some basic cookware and my little 5"  B&W TV. 

The next couple months are really going to suck.
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