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Boxes of boxes

I sure hope I'm going to have room for all these boxes and my furniture in one of those PODS containers.   I'd hate to have to pay for two of them.

Bought a few more boxes today, and managed to get another 12 packed, for a total of 39 so far.  Today was packing up the few comics that weren't already in boxes, paperwork, the bottom two drawers in my desk, my SO's plushies and various knick knacks.

I still have dishes, cookware, the electronics, computers, sheets and blankets and various things left to pack up.

It's the "various things" that are killing me.



May. 31st, 2006 06:59 am (UTC)
pods thingies
dose you mean these pod thingies? i keep seeing those commercials on tv and again today while watching something. i forgot what channel. but i finally went to that page they keep telling us about. those things made me think about those cargo containers on those big cargo container boats they show on tv. ps i didn't see what the pod thingies cot to use it must have been in the small print on that page maybe. it had a live help button too. the ones like that i've seen on other pages was like chat with some customer service i think there.