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Boxes of boxes

I sure hope I'm going to have room for all these boxes and my furniture in one of those PODS containers.   I'd hate to have to pay for two of them.

Bought a few more boxes today, and managed to get another 12 packed, for a total of 39 so far.  Today was packing up the few comics that weren't already in boxes, paperwork, the bottom two drawers in my desk, my SO's plushies and various knick knacks.

I still have dishes, cookware, the electronics, computers, sheets and blankets and various things left to pack up.

It's the "various things" that are killing me.



May. 31st, 2006 07:15 am (UTC)
moving and stuff
What are animale's? Is that a new kind of plushie :)? I used to collect old antique bottles and dad moved a lot when I was little so I wrapped the bottles in old news paper and they seemed to survive the moving to the new houses we moved to. Furniture stores were a nice source for boxes they let us have there big refrigerator and stove dryers, etc., boxes they was gonna throw away anyway they had left over from display models in the stores. and they had all sizes of smaller nice heavy duty boxes then. this was around 1975 but a lot of storers here seam to like to same there old extra boxes and send them to those recycling places. I guess they sell them. but sometimes I still see a lot of big boxes outside stores at times that they threw away. Usually when I don't need any boxes anymore hehe :) ps when I put my zip code in that pod page they said service not available here. I wonder why the local TV stations advertise them so much here? hum but there is a lot of those channels like the wb in town one that has a station in West Virginia that also rebroadcasts the same stuff at the same time as they show here. Like a tristate area network.