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I found a shop in Omaha that sells tea!  Real tea!  Huzzah!  Nice to see these Cornhuskers have at least some culture.   ;)  

I finally got to try some REAL bubble tea *yum*, and I picked up some very interesting tea mints.  I didn't buy any actual tea today, because it's a wee bit warm for tea right now, and my living araingments aren't that condusive to making a proper cuppa.  I do need to return later and buy a better tea cup, though.

The Netgear wireless stuff I'd bought over the weekend turned out to be defective (Why has Netgear suddenly become crap?) and ended up just buying a huge length of CAT5 cable and running it up over the door frame and around the room, so I'm back on the Net again.

CompUSA has HORRIBLE prices on cables.

I've somehow landed the cooking duties around here, and all my cookware, utencils, appliances and cookbooks are in the POD.  I can't do anything about the antique appliances here, I can't afford to do anything about the cookware or utencils yet (non-non-stick pots!  Augh!), but I did stop buy and pick up a copy of The All New Joy of Cooking.  This is the 1997 edition, sans "game" recipies.  Not to worry, I still have a copy of the 1975 edition in the POD, so I'll still be able to prepare squirrel, beaver, possum and raccoon.

I've been shopping for a Sirius radio reciever for the house, and I found one today at RadioShack for $150 after rebate.  That's for the tuner and a boombox.  I'd like to get the iPod-like S50, but that's $300, plus another $100 for the docking station.
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