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The Eyes have it.

For some reason I keep having a recurring pain in my right eye.  About 4 times in the past 2 months, my right eye has turned bright pink, swollen and extremely painful.  The problem lasts for a few days, then goes away on its own.  I don't have any insurance, so I can't afford to go to a doctor (and eye doctors have done very little for me in the past).  I'm pretty sure the problem isn't allergies, because only one eye is affected, my left eye is fine.  That means it's probably an infection of some kind.

Unfortunately, I'm almost totally out of ofloxacin, an ophthalmic antibiotic.  Worse, I'm also critically low on proparacaine, a pain reliever drop.  The later is nearly impossible to obtain, since eye doctors seem to be very reluctant to write prescriptions for pain killers.  Masochistic bastards.

I am pondering trying to make some kind of herbal eye drop.  I was thinking of using myrrh as an antibacterial and perhaps peppermint (or just menthol) as a numbing agent.  I've gotten peppermint soap in my eyes before and it stings like mad for a few seconds, but then it quickly goes away as the menthol numbs the eye (regular soap stings for a lot longer).

I need to find a reliable herbalist in Omaha.   I know of a great place in California, but that doesn't help too much here (though perhaps they can take an order over the phone and ship it out to me).  I wish I'd kept some of my herbs, as I had a supply of myrrh (which, because it is a resin, doesn't go stale like most herbs).
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