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Appointment results

Went to the eye doctor for a followup.  He said the erosion was completely healed, but he was reluctant to do any visual acuity testing yet, just in case.

The doctor asked if I'd ever had high intraoccular pressure before.  This question rather bothered me, since I've never had this problem before, and obviously I must now if he's asking me about it.  I hope it's just a temporary thing.  My grandmother had gloucoma and eventually went blind in one eye and almost blind in the other.  I think I could handle losing my hearing, but losing my sight really worries me.

I was told to stop the antibiotic drops, so I'm down to just the steroid drop, which I only have to take for another 2 weeks.   I still have 7 weeks worth of doxycycline to take.

My next eye appointment will be about 2 months from now, after I finish all the drugs.  If all goes well, I'll get a new eyeglass prescription then.
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