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Dodged a bullet tonight

A couple hours ago, I noticed the NEXRAD was showing a large storm bearing down on my location, complete with a tornado vortex signature and inch-and-a-half hail!

I covered my car with blankets and tied them down with rope, just in case of hail, and we started moving the deck chairs inside and shutting up the windows, and finally we cut off the power from the pole outside, just in case of a power surge caused by lightning.

Fortunately, the storm squeaked by just to the northwest.  It was pretty energetic, with some very impressive bolts of lightning less than 2 miles away, and the wind was pretty strong (I'd say about 20-25 knots), but we didn't get any rain, let alone hail.  The tornado apparently dissipated while it was some distance away.

Too bad it was dark out, I'd have liked to have seen the storm.



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Sep. 16th, 2006 05:32 am (UTC)
That storm SUCKED
Apparently all tornadoes seem to have this thing about always going around Lincoln, but never actually coming in town. I have lived in Lincoln for 16 years and that is always the way it goes, even that torando in Hallam,NE in May 2004 nothing happned here. Well I will wake up tomarrow and survery any damage, maybe I could call my dorm mate in Peru see if anything happned down there. All thoe I will say some of the lightning was pretty cool.
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