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Assault on Batteries

We seem to be having a real problem with batteries lately.   I accidentally drained the battery in my car a couple weeks ago, and last night my SO came in and dropped a car battery on the porch.  The battery was dead, and he had no luck getting a jump, so he'd had to beg a ride home, leaving his car at work.

I gave him a ride to work this morning, then dragged the battery over to Huber Chevrolet because I thought it might still be under warranty.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a receipt but I was hoping they'd have the information in their computer.  It turns out the computer systems at the various GM dealers are not interconnected, so they couldn't pull up the info.  The service manager suggested I call the dealer who installed the battery and have them fax a copy of the work order.  I pulled out my cell phone to make the call, then remembered it was only 6 am in California.

I went out to eat at IHOP, where I discovered Omaha has finally gotten EV-DO cellular service.  Yay for high-speed wireless broadband.  After breakfast, I stopped in at Office Depot to buy some paper to print up resumes.  I also bought a pack of those business card sheets so I can print up cards with my new address.

I returned to Huber and by the time I got there, it was 8 am in CA, so I made the call to Security Chevrolet.  They were able to look up the info, and it turned out I had a mixed memory.  The alternator was replaced 2 years ago, the battery was last replaced nearly 9 years ago!  I went into the parts department to get the pricing on a new AC Delco battery, but they were out of that size.  I bought an engine block heater for my car, but I need to find someone to install it since I don't have any place to work.

I drove around trying to find an auto parts place, and eventually came across Plaza Pontiac/Buick.  I checked with their parts department, and they did have the battery in stock, and for a few dollars cheaper than Huber.  They also took the old battery off my hands.

I drove over to my SO's work place to install the battery in his car, but I couldn't get the hood open.  It worked this morning, but now it jams all the time.  I called my SO and he came outside and we both poked at it for a while until it finally popped open.  It turned out it was a good thing he was there, because when I connected the battery, his alarm system started going off.  Ooops!

Got the battery installed, and the car started up perfectly.  I then tried to figure out what was wrong with the hood latch, using the latch on my car as a reference, but I couldn't see anything wrong with it.  After finishing my work, I closed the hood and tried to open it again.   Nope, it's still jammed.

Hopefully the new battery will last another 9 years.  I recall in an old issue of Consumer Reports that AC Delco was their highest rated battery.  I think they were on to something.
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