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My SO hasn't lost his job, but he really wants to quit.  Apparently the company he works for hired some suits, and their games of office politics are interfering in his ability to do his job.  They've also pretty much declined to offer him any sort of advancement, despite his qualifications and despite the fact he works 50-60 hour weeks without claiming overtime.  So while I'm hunting for a job, I'll be keeping an eye out for one for him to apply to.

I've been having some mild eye pain the past 3 mornings.  Not as bad as the horrible, claw-my-eyes-out kind of pain I've had in the past, but enough to wake me up and keep me from going back to sleep.  I'm more than half-way through the supply of Doxycycline the eye doctor prescribed, and I really can't afford the money to go back to him AND buy another supply of drugs.  I'm going to resume taking the steroid drops for the remainder of the month, hopefully the two will work better than just the pills.  (Taking steroid eye drops for too long can increase the risk of infection.)

Finally got around to buying some film.  I wasn't expecting much from Wal*Mart, but I was really surprised just how small their film selection has become.  They only had about a dozen different kinds of film, and only 1 variety of ISO 100, my preferred speed.  They had more ISO 400 film than anything else.  It's a shame that digital cameras are replacing film.  Sure, they're more convenient and cheaper in the long run, but film has greater permenance.   I wonder how many parents are going to regret not using film 20 or 30 years from now when their hard drives have failed and their CD's are unreadable.
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