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Bark at the moon

I was standing outside just now and heard a very large number of canines howling in the distance, far more that you would anticipate for the dogs in the area. There's a good half-mile to a mile between houses, and this was coming from all over the place.

Some quick checking shows that coyotes are native to this region, so I would have to guess that a lot of the howling is from them. I suppose the harvest clears away a lot of the cover that prey use to conceal themselves.

Last night, I was standing on the deck outside and a fairly large animal ran past. There wasn't enough light, but it must have been a rabbit. It certainly wasn't a raccoon as they don't run that fast, it was too small and compact for a deer, and its sort of bounding stride wasn't anything like a predator.
Tags: animals, bunnies, harvest

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