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This is for fun

Just before I left California, I found an old air pistol so I tossed it in the car and brought it out here with me.

Today, the start of deer season, I remembered that I had the gun, so I decided to take a look at it.

It's a Benjamin Super Air Pistol, model 137, .177 cal. It looks like, except this one has a white marbleized plastic grip instead of wood. It's still in the box, with a tin of pellets and an envelope of darts. Unfortunately, the instruction manual seems to be missing.

I did a Google search, and according to the serial number, this pistol was made in 1965!

I took it outside and fiddled around with it and figured out how to use it. The pump mechanism was very hard to work at first, but after a few tries, it started working smoothly. And surprisingly, after 41 years, it still holds a charge!

Unfortunately I can't find any instructions online, so I'm not sure how many times it's safe to pump this thing or what will happen if it gets over-pumped.

There was way too much wind today to try any target practice (the wind kept knocking down the cans I was trying to use as targets), but I could at least hit the broad side of a barn (literally!) at 50 yards and I could plink a bucket in the middle of the yard about 20 yards away.

Standing around in the front yard, firing off a pistol (air or otherwise) would quickly earn a visit from the cops back in California.
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