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I can't drive 55... or anything else....

For the past 15 years, I had insurance through the Automobile Club of Southern California.  Not only were they one of the cheapest auto insurance companies, but they had great customer service and they were the only insurance company not to fight Prop 103 (a voter approved law reducing insurance rates).  Unfortunately, they're not licensed to sell insurance in Nebraska, so I'm being forced to change companies.

So I figured I'd sign up with AAA Nebraska for car insurance.  Their rates are really great, a mere $600 a year for $100K/300K/50K coverage and only a $100 deductible.  But their customer service seems to really suck.  My policy with the Auto Club expired on the 13th, and I'd requested an effective date on the new policy of the 14th.  Well, today was the 15th, and I still haven't received any paperwork, let alone the all important Proof of Insurance card.  Without that card, I can't legally drive anywhere.  I also can't finish the process of switching my registration to Nebraska.

They'd better get their act together quick or I may have to find another insurance company.

Fortunately I'm allowed to keep my AAA membership through the Auto Club until it expires next year, but then I'll have to switch it over to AAA Nebraska.  Bleah.
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