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What's snow?

So this afternoon I went outside 4 or 5 times to play in the snow conduct scientific research.  Even though the temperature is only around 26F, I have a good tolerance of the cold and would barely notice it, if it weren't for the wind.  With wind gusts up to 30 MPH, the wind chill got down below zero.  26F I can stand, -4F is a bit much for someone with only a light jacket.

The snow got about a foot deep in some spots, but the average seems to be less than 6 inches.  I don't have any real snow depth instruments, and my automatic rain gauge is totally useless for snow, so I can't really give an accurate measurement.

I was hoping to drive around just a bit in the snow to get a feel for it.  Unfortunately, I'm still having a problem with something draining my car battery, so it's DOA until I can get it recharged.

Here's a couple more photos:

Soybean fields  Soybean fields under snow.

Nearby woods  Nearby woods
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