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Mud, movies and clothes

After sliding off the driveway into the middle of the lawn earlier this week, I finally had to get some help getting out of the mud.  All the melting snow was only making the mud worse.  My right rear tire was hopelessly mired a good 4 or 5 inched deep in nasty slime.  If I'd had a locking differential (i.e., Positraction), I'd have made it out of there easily as my left tire was free, but my open differential just spun the right wheel while leaving the left stationary.  So I got a friend of mine to give me a tow with his 4x4, once the right tire was clear of the mud pit, I was able to regain traction and pull back onto the driveway under my own power.

It was insanely cold today.  The temperature got up to 24ºF (-4.4ºC), but winds where averaging 30 mph (48 km/h) with gusts to 41 MPH (67 km/h).  The cold isn't too bad, but the wind made things miserable.  It didn't help that I'd left my (rather ineffective) knit cap and driving gloves at home.  I remembered seeing cold weather gear at Menards, so we went there and I picked up a nice pair of insulated leather gloves and a fleece balaclava, all for a mere $15.  So toasty warm!  Though the balaclava makes me look like a terrorist or something.  Must remember to take it off BEFORE stepping inside the bank....

Also went to see Epic Movie today.  It's incredibly stupid and totally hilarious. The movie will make no sense unless you've seen at least a dozen other movies including Borat, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, the da Vinci Code, Snakes On a Plane, Nacho Libre, X-Men, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Pirates of the Caribbean and you've watched MTV in the past year.   Be sure to stay for the credits; everyone else had already left the theatre and missed the two extra bits in the middle of the credits.   (You can leave after the bit with Mel Gibson.)
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