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Pictures of Roswell

Gee, this is a bit old.   I finally got around to developing the pictures I took a couple years ago on my trip to Roswell, New Mexico.

Here's where the government is searching for UFO's.   Or maybe it's just some guy who really likes TV.

Here's where the government is hiding all those UFO's that have crashed.

Be sure to stop here before your anal probing.

Even little green men need to do laundry.

Apparently NASA is sending robots equipped with metal detectors to search for lost jewelry and coins on Mars.

The ideal restaurant for a fur meet.

I guess this would be the dealer's room.


Feb. 2nd, 2007 02:47 am (UTC)
Oh hell yeah man you have been to Roswell, NM. It all started in July 1947 when a "UFO" crashed or I mean "weather balloon" as the governement says.
Have you ever been to Rachel NV.? You know Groom Lake, AREA 51 where they took the space ships.