Captain Packrat (captpackrat) wrote,
Captain Packrat

Stuck again

Not my car, this time it was my SO's car that got stuck in the driveway trying to come home last night.  While helping him out this morning (again with the help of a friend with a 4x4 truck), I discovered why he got stuck and why I nearly got stuck there last time.

Apparently the driveway dips slightly at that point and the snow drifts up really bad there.  It was over a foot deep, no wonder it was impassable.  Even the pickup with 4-wheel drive nearly got trapped.

With my SO riding in the trunk for extra traction, it took the power of both vehicles to get dislodged.  I backed his car down the driveway to the road, which was mostly snow-free.  He left for work and I walked back to the house.  Along the way back, I noticed that the driveway was level with the alfalfa field to the right.  I suddenly realized that this was very, very wrong; the field is about 3 feet lower than the driveway and there is a very sharp drop-off.  The snow had drifted about 3 feet deep along that edge, which was now only recognizable by the grasses barely sticking above the surface.  If I'd wandered just a half foot further, I'd have sunk to my waist in snow.

It was -5ºF (-20.6ºC) when I headed out this morning, and the wind chill was around -20ºF (-28.9ºC).  My face still feels numb.
Tags: car stuff, snow

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