October 22nd, 2004


They should require licenses to use a computer....

I get called in to work today (never a problem, I could always use the extra money).  The remote office is complaining that their VPN isn't working, and the main office is complaining that their Internet access is down.  

It turns out my boss (who is in charge of IT only because he knows how to use Word and Excel, you know the type...) was having trouble accessing the VPN from the remote office.   The symptoms described to me sounded like a problem on their end, not with the server, but the guy calls the main office and has someone hit the reset button on the back of the router.   The tiny little recessed button labeled "Factory Reset".   The button that totally wipes out the configuration...

All this happened the day I left town, so the office has been without Internet access or e-mail for 3 days.

To make matters worse, I'd erased my backup of the config file to save space on my hard drive.   After all, who would be stupid enough to press the factory reset button?  So I have to rebuild the config file and do the VPN hacks on it.