November 3rd, 2004



Kerry:   Jobs, economy, education, no more tax cuts for the rich.

Bush:  Terrorists!   Terrorists!   Terrorists!

I guess the American public cares more about fighting terrorists than being employed, their kids having a good education, or getting the economy out of the toilet....


An interesting note, 37% of California voters voted YES on Prop 65, a ballot inititive that even the proponents were advising to vote against!    Makes me wonder about the intelligence of the American voter....


Close encounters....

I really cannot understand how anyone can wear contacts. This damn patch drives me nuts (though it's better than excruciating pain). How can people wear these things all the time?

And how do they put them in and remove them? It's a major ordeal requiring a doctor and a nurse and local anesthesia to put a single damn lens in my eye!
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