November 18th, 2004


Barcode Madness

The company I work for not only hired me to take care of their IT needs, but also to inventory their construction tools (a nice little surprise they slipped into my job description at the last moment). Today was spent doing the later.

I recorded, stickered and markered some 75 pieces of construction equipment, mostly in a construction zone. I thought the tools were being stored away from the job site, so I dressed "business casual" (polo shirt and slacks). Big mistake. My white shirt and black pants are now both the same shade of grey from all the dust.

And I've been hunched over, dodging pipes and I-beams for the past 4 hours. My back is killing me. Fortunately I was given a hard hat, because I smashed my head into overhead obstructions at least 9 times. It's hard to be 6 feet tall when the construction area averages 5 feet 9 inches...

Fortunately, I used to watch Norm Abram, so I knew what most of the tools were.
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