December 10th, 2004


The house is a little emptier now

Moved a ton of stuff out onto the driveway for the Salvation Army to pick up this afternoon. A fridge, a couple tables, a ton of telephones, some stereo equipment, a couple hundred books, and most expensive of all, an electric "Rascal" scooter. And I still have more stuff I'd like to give away.

I would rather have given this stuff to people I know, or at least sell it, but I REALLY need the tax deduction for next year. I just wish I'd started this stuff earlier.

Well, this day has been a waste....

I've been waiting all day for the Salvation Army truck to stop by and pick up the stuff piled in the driveway. It's 5:20 and pitch black outside now. I guess I'm last on their pickup route. Great... I've got a bunch of large items. I really don't want to have to try to push the fridge back into the garage.

Obviously they don't need any donations from me....

I've been waiting all day for the Salvation Army to stop by and pick up this stuff. There's easily $5000 worth of donations that WERE sitting in the driveway. Were, up until 6:45. They're in the garage now. Apparently they don't need my donations.

I guess I'll have to find another charity that's a bit more needy (and willing to pick up). Until then, I'll have to park my car in the driveway because the garage is full.

Now I can start making dinner.