December 27th, 2004


Well we're movin' on up!

I moved out of my temporary digs in the conference room into my permanent office today!

My "desk" is a couple of folding tables, but they work for what I need. My office is also the server room, so I've got a ton of computer equipment whirring away behind me. My "desk" is set up so my monitor isn't visible to anyone else unless the squeeze around behind my desk (which they'd have no need to do). I hate having people looking over my shoulder.

This is also the only room (other than the kitchen) with cabinets and drawers, so I've got plenty of room for all my tools and books and stuff.
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NWS: 0, Me: 3

Once again, my own sense of the weather beats the National Weather Service predictions.

The NWS had been predicting rain all day yesterday and today.

I knew the instant I stepped outside this morning that it would be a while before we got any precipitation.

Weather rule #1: If the wind is calm, the weather won't change for a while.

Sure enough, it has yet to start raining. However, the wind is now coming out of the south, and is quite strong. Southerly winds in So Cal almost always mean a storm is approaching. (Westerly winds are normal in So Cal, easterly winds mean hot and dry weather)
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