January 4th, 2005


Meat and cheese and meat and cheese....

Stopped by Carl's Jr this morning to try their new Breakfast Burger. A hamburger patty, bacon, and cheese, not unlike a normal burger, but then they add eggs and hash browns! Mmmmmm-MMMMM! It's crack on a bun!
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For such a busy day at work, I'm awful bored.

MySQL and eGroupWare suck major ass.  I've been fighting the two of them for a couple days now.   They don't play well together.  But the bosses want a service website, and this is the cheapest and easiest way to go.  It's either that or pay big bucks for a dedicated programmer.  Can't do anything else on that until I can reboot the server, which I've set up to occur overnight.

Company VP brought in his father's computer for me to work on.  You just know it's going to be fun when the desktop pops up completely covered in icons.  Naturally it's infested with spyware and viruses and crapware.  His father was having trouble connecting to Road Runner.  Maybe it's because the computer doesn't have a NIC...  The VP also had me install a DVD-RAM drive.   WTF?  People still use those?

I STILL don't have the DVD-R disc I requisitioned over a month ago.  I can't set up my computer until I have a DVD-R to backup the current configuration.  Stupid Compaq.  So I'm still having to drag my laptop to work every day.

Got my ThinkGeek order last night, so I've brought more crap into work.  I've now got an Albert Einstein action figure on my desk, doing battle with Usaji Yojimbo while the two are being watched by a plush rabbit screen cleaner.   O_o   Now all I need is a USB fishtank...

I also got a Wireless PC Lock, which promises to be very useful.   You plug the key into the computer, and wear a small transmitter (about the size of a stack of 5 or 6 quarters).  Step away from the desk, and the computer locks itself.   Return, and it unlocks automatically.  You can manually lock the computer by pressing a button on the transmitter.