January 13th, 2005


Your on the spot reporter....

The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley.

I hit the road at 5:30 this morning, hoping to beat most of the traffic through LA.   I decided to risk the I-5, hoping if I got there early enough, I'd be able to squeak through and save some time.   And sure enough, I'd averaged 75 MPH until I got to near the 605.  But, fate likes to screw with people, and naturally, that early in the morning, there were two major accidents, turning the freeway into a parking lot.  I managed to make it over to the 405, but by then, it was 7:00, and the rush hour traffic had started.  I finally managed to get into the mountains around 8:30.  Feh

I down-shifted into 3rd, reved up the engine, and blew through the Tejon Pass at 90.  I was driving conservatively....

There were a LOT more cops out than previous years.  For the last 3 months, my radar detector had been on the fritz, but after futzing with it on Sunday, it's worked flawlessly, picking up 3 different speed traps.

I got to the hotel about 12:30, checked in, and dragged all my crap up to the room.  Because of the construction, the hotel is offering free high-speed Internet access in every room.  Yay!

I'll be heading down to the convention space shortly, the dealers room will be opening up for setup in 15 minutes.  My roomie badjahsensei  won't be arriving until well after 7:00.


When it rains....

While standing in line at dealer registration, I realized I'd brought the two boxes of Tygger's prints, but forgot the binders with the samples of her art. So, it was either forget selling half my stuff, or find an office supply store.

The nearest store, Staples, was on the other side of the airport. So, I typed the address into my GPS, and it helpfully gave me directions... Except the map was out of date, and the road it wanted me to turn on wasn't there anymore. So I wound up driving around the airport for 10 minutes, pissing off airport security because I was doing 35 in a 20 zone. I finally managed to find the Staples, and got the stuff I needed. $15 down the hole. Feh.

I started back, and realized I'd need the GPS to find my way back after driving around in circles. So, while driving, I started punching it up. As I approached an intersection where I had to choose between a left or a right turn, it was still calculating. I took a stab at it, and pulled into the right lane. "Turn left". D'OH!!! So it was BACK through the freaking airport again.

Spent another hour and a half putting prints into the plastic sleeves and using a Sharpie to cover the whamadoodles. Some of the censorship wound up looking even more suggestive than the original art! :)

At least there's some good news, the rice maker I brought with me performed flawlessly, producing the best damn brown rice I've ever had.