April 10th, 2005


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Got an e-mail that Dell shipped my PDA on Friday. They say it'll arrive some time between Wednesday and Friday. Hurray!

I've carried a PDA or pocket computer of some sort since I was a sophmore in high school. I've been without one now since February and it's been driving me crazy. When setting up a user on the company color printer, I have to type in their department code number; ooops, I don't have my PDA with the list of codes. I get a check and go to deposit it, ooops, I don't have my PDA with the file containing my account number. I need to add up some figures, ooops, I don't have the calculator on my PDA. I need to call my grandmother's doctor to schedule an appointment, ooops, no PDA with the phone numbers. Bleah.

But I'll be back on the bleeding edge again and regain my sanity in less than a week. Hurray!
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